Free Machine Embroidered Stars


This is a zoom class that is at 2-4.30pm London Time on Tuesday 30th November


Come and create these beautiful stars by sewing fabrics and ribbon to soluble fabric, decorating with machine embroidery, washing away the soluble fabric and cutting out the star design when dry.


They are finished off with beads and crystals and are ready to hang on a Christmas  tree. They can also be used to make cards or decorate a present.


Inspired by a cookie cutter I had, this star design is not the only cookie cutter shape that looks great using this technique. Hearts  pretty wedding and Christmas decorations.


The soluble fabric used is a quite a thick one so there is no need to use it in a hoop. It is great to pin fabrics and ribbon to it.


You don't need to have done much free machine embroidery before to get a great result.


On this relaxed zoom session I will show you how to create your star fabric and demonstrate different machine embroidery ideas.  We will wash out our pieces and leave them to drip dry. I will show you how to cut out your birds and decorate them so that you know how to complete your stars when they are dry.


You will make enough fabric for 4 and I provide the star pattern.


The class will have a maximum of 10 participants.


There will be a comfort break during the class


You are able to view the requirements list before you purchase a place.


When you purchase a place on this zoom class you will receive the pattern, details of the materials that you will have to get for the workshop and any preparation that you will need to do before the class. It is emailed to you immediately. It is in a PDF format and you will need to be able to print off patterns.

ZOOM CLASS- Free Machine Embroidered Star Decs Tues 30th Nov 2-4.30pm

  • Claire Muir’s Zoom Workshop- Free Machine Embroidered Star Decoration

    Equipment Required for the Workshop:

    • An ordinary sewing machine
    • A free machine embroidery foot ( also know as a darning foot or a free motion quilting foot) It doesn’t come as standard with a lot of machines and has to be bought separately. If you have a quilting kit, it’s often in there. Please ask if you need more information
    • 90 Topstitch machine needle
    • Fabric scissors
    • Paper scissors
    • Tape Measure
    • Dressmakers pins with no glass heads
    • Block of polystyrene or cardboard box to pin the washed out work to.
    • Tray to  catch the water drips
    • Large bowl of cold water 
    • Towel


    During the Class You Will Use:

    •  35 cm x 17cm (13 1/2"x 6 1/2") of  Soluble film, Madeira Avalon Ultra or Aquatics Romeo. There  are other solubles which you may already have, but it needs to be a thick, clear one that doesn't require using a hoop.
    • You need to pin 6/7 strips measuring 1-3cm (1/2"-1 1/4") to the soluble and they can be a variety of the following:
      • Dupion or Habotai Silk
      • Lace
      • Organza or Satin Ribbon
      • Plain or Patterned Cotton Fabric
      • Other strips not mentioned but that you'd like to try
    • Thread- Machine embroidery rayon thread eg Madeira Classic 40.  You can use polyester thread or cotton threads.
    • Metallic machine embroidery thread if you have it.

    To finish your stars after the class:

    A variety of flat backed crystals in colours to compliment your star

    E600 Glue

    Toothpicks, plastic milk bottle lid and tweezers.

    Invisible thread / fine cord to hang the stars up with.

    We will discuss threads and materials in the class.

    Any questions then please email me :

  • In order for a zoom workshop to run, I require a minimum of 5 students enrolled. I reserve the right to cancel or postpone a workshop 5 working days before the starting date if I do not get the minimum registration needed.

    In the rare event that I need to cancel a workshop, you will receive a full refund.

    If you are unable to attend a workshop then you must give me a minimum of 48 hours notice and you will receive a workshop credit for another workshop.

    After this withdrawal period, credits will not be given due to my small class size.

    If you are unable to attend a workshop, please contact me on 07778 132 722 or email me on