This course is for people who would like to learn how to make a beautiful embroidered lace and velvet poinsettia on soluble fabric. A perfect Christmas brooch or posh tree decoration.

You will need to have done some free machine embroidery before the course as this is not a course for beginners.

Velvet and Embroidered Lace Poinsettia

  • The course is about making a poinsettia by free-machine embroidering individual petals onto a soluble fabric. Pieces of white, red or black velvet are stitched into the petals before supporting wires are added along the centre of each petal.


    The petals are stitched together and then beads and crystals are hand stitched in the middle to create a beautiful flower centre.


    Each step is clearly demonstrated and repeated. Plenty of help is available along the way.


    Students will learn how to make an embroidered lace poinsettia and should complete a flower which can be worn as a brooch or used to decorate the tree. It could also be a beautiful addition to a bridal headdress.


    The techniques that you will learn will enable you to make more flowers at home and they could be other flowers, not just poinsettias.


    Course Times:

    9.45 Arrival
    10.00 Start
    30 min Lunch Break
    16.00 Finish
    A maximum of 6 people per course

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