**New Dates Added **

Pay a £30 deposit now and pay the balance- £120- on the 16th January 2021.

Three workshops are:

Sewing Picture Workshop:  Saturday 6th February 2021

Stamped Silk Bag Workshop:   Saturday 6th March 2021

Embroidered Bluebell Picture Workshop:  Saturday 10th April 2021 

Choose your dates in the drop down boxes, pay £30 now and I will contact you in the new year to take the balance of £120

Trilogy Of Workshops- 3 Specific workshops for £150 instead of £195

Sewing Picture Workshop
Stamped Silk Bag Workshop
Embroidered Bluebell Picture Workshop

    If you fancy learning how to do free motion embroidery then this is the course for you. You will learn how easy it is to do this technique on a simple machine, all that is required is a free motion/ darning foot.

    All the componets in the picture are created using different techniques which is a great way to learn how versatile FM embroidery is. You will be able to create different  pictures at home using the same techniques. You will be given a 10" (25cm) wooden embroidery to use as a  frame for your work.

    Each step is clearly demonstrated  and with a wealth of gorgeous threads and materials available to you, you will be able to create a very personal picture that will look great in your sewing room.

    Although this course is perfect for beginners to sewing and FM embroidery it is also a great way to refresh any previous knowledge of FM embroidery you may have.



    The morning will start with you using a variety of Indian wooden blocks to stamp fabric paint onto silk. 

    You will then use free motion embroidery to decorate your design. Having a pattern on the fabric can help to make FM embroidery easier. Using a wide variety of coloured threads you can make your decoration subtle or very bold. Ther are also beautifull metallic threads to use to make your design sparkle.

    A patterned, coloured fabric will be used to line your bag which is surprisingly simple to do. Ribbon or corded rouleau will be used to make the ties for your bag.

    This course is a great way to try stamping fabric and by doing some simple FM embroidery and simple sewing techniques create a very pretty, little bag.

    All techniques will be clearly demonstrated and there will be plenty of help on hand. There will be samples for you to inspire you.

    Suitable for people with a basic understanding of a sewing machine.



    Your pretty picture is created by first of all painting calico with fabric paint and using Indian wooden block to stamp a few leaves and seed heads.

    Whilst the calico dries we will create our individual bluebells. These are stitched onto multiple layers of synthetic organza and cut out with a soldering iron.

    We will then add texture to the background by doing some free motion stitching over a little merino/Wensleydale wool. The stem of the bluebell will be made from silk which is bonded to the calico.

    The bluebells are then machine stitched to the calico. A cardboard mount will set off your picture so that it's all ready for you to frame it when you get home.

    The patterns will be provided for the bluebells and each step will be carefully explained and demonstrated. The tecniques you learn will enable you to create further picturs of your own designs at home.

    This course is for people who are confident with free motion embroidery.


    All workshop times:

    9:45 Arrival
    10:00 Start
    30 min Lunch Break
    16:00 Finish
    Maximum of 6 people per course


    If you choose your dates for each workshop and pay £30 deposit now, I will contact you in the new year to take the balance of £120.

    If you don't wish to pay the balance in January, you will lose your place on all workshops and your deposit will be returned to you.

    This offer is on these three workshops only.

    If you are paying for more than one place on an order your date selection will apply to all places on that order. If you want to book more than one place but want to choose different dates, each order will need to be placed separately.

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