The course is for people who would like to learn how to make a flower fascinator. No millinery experience is necessary. Some free machine embroidery and hand sewing is required in this workshop but you can be a complete beginner. Lots of help is at hand.

Flower Fascinator Workshop

  • The course is about machine embroidering on sinamay to create flower petals. If you have done free machine embroidery before that's great, if not, you will be shown how to do it.

    Depending on your previous experience you will make either one flower or two. The petals are then hand sewn together and your flower centre is made by covering a ball with silk and sewing beads on it.

    Everything is stitched  to an embroidered sinamay base which is then attached to a fine headband. Lovely goose biots (feathers) are attached, finishing the fascinator off.

    Samples will be shown and techniques clearly demonstrated allowing everyone to make their own personalised creations.

    A wide range of coloured sinamay, silk and beads will be available so that you can make the fascinator in the colour of your choice.  If you would ike it to colour match an outfit, please bring that outfit with you.

    Course Times

    9.45 Arrival
    10.00 Start
    30 min Lunch Break
    16.00 Finish
    A maximum of 6 people per course


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